Thursday, 12 May 2016

A woodlouse by any other name...

In the garden this evening Meredith befriended a woodlouse.

It crawled inside her sleeve.

She looked into the end of her sleeve and said...

'Dave! Dave! Are you in there?'

'Dave Meredith?'

'Yes Mummy, Dave.'

Thursday, 5 May 2016

In a dark, dark house

Creeping, silently, like a ninja.

In the dark, quiet, of night suddenly an eerie whisper,

'Daddy, DADDY!

I've lost my pillow...'


A rose by any other name

Meredith had a little headache when she went to bed last night so I gave her some calpol.

Waking up this morning the first thing she asked for was more medicine.

Mummy, there's a girl in my class called Medicine.

Pause - racks brain.

Maddison, Meredith, there's a girl in your class called Maddison.

Sleep is for wimps!

Heathcliff woke up about an hour ago screaming.

I went in and he was straight up and into my arms mumbling 'Mummy Daddy bedroom, I 'cared of my 'reams'

Because I am a softy he came in to our room for cuddles.

I have since been thwacked around the face three times and berated with the words...

'Mummy, 'top 'noring. I tryin' go 'leep now!'

He is now back in his own room.

He is asleep....

...I'm not...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Epic Parenting Fail of the Day.

I was standing in the playground this morning chatting when suddenly H sort of splattered face down right in front of me and behind a group of mums and teachers.

Every single person there turned round and instinctively bent down towards him.

Except me.

I laughed.

I am not a good parent...

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Like Father, Like Son

This morning, snuggled up in bed with H I asked if he'd like a cuddle.

He reversed into me and said 'mummy, cuddle bottom'

I cuddled his bottom.

Cue the worlds biggest trump right in my face and lots of giggling from the child.

He quite obviously gets his sense of  humour from his father...

Sunday, 28 February 2016

D-U-S-T = 'DONE!'

While H has his afternoon nap M and I have been working on her words.

She is currently singing a very very sad song about 'how much my mummy makes me cross', there is a very very sad dance as well.

I dont think this has gone particularly well.